UN salary scale value

UN salary scale value

July 27, 2020 0 By Abbie Jackson

Working at the UN is prestige, confidence, and great opportunities. That is why specialists strive to get into this organization because then they will receive the above. Another advantage of working in an international organization is the UN salary scale. This tool is popular among employees due to its functionality. Using it, an employee can understand what salary he or she can receive at the end of the month. This amount is calculated based on work experience, category (for example, D1), allowance amount (the amount is affected by the number of dependents, marital status, etc.), and other conditions.

The UN salary scale is a kind of motivational lever that directs employees to develop their abilities. After all, the more privileges an employee has the higher his/her category, the more his/her or her salary.

UN salary scale

Jobs and vacancies at the UN

Only experienced professionals who have proven themselves in interviews are employed at the UN. To be among the candidates selected for interviews, an online resume must be emailed to the association. The best of the best will be invited for an interview at one of the UN offices. The position of a project manager is considered very tempting in terms of salary and prospects. In regional offices, there is very often an urgent need for this qualified personnel. Naturally, strict requirements are imposed on candidates. This is higher education, the experience of 5 years or more in the field of air transportation, knowledge of all the intricacies of cargo deliveries and logistics, fluent English.

A project manager should be sociable, be able to work with a team, take responsibility, think alternatively in critical situations, be a good psychologist, and have leadership qualities. In addition, the position of Senior Legal Adviser is often vacant. Of the mandatory requirements for candidates, one can single out knowledge of the English language, 4 years of experience in the specialty, a license to practice in law, an international university degree. The duties of this specialist are to provide legal services, consultations on commercial and business issues, drafting contracts and legal instructions, conducting legal research, etc. In addition to their salaries, UN specialists receive a full insurance package from the organization.