UN job New York: How to get a tempting post in the UN?

UN job New York: How to get a tempting post in the UN?

May 26, 2020 0 By Abbie Jackson

The United Nations annually initiates an internship program called YPP. Its essence lies in the recruitment of potentially talented and qualified specialists who could soon begin a full-fledged career as a civil servant in the UN Secretariat.

General position

The competition for the program of young professionals consists of exams and a professional development course. To participate in it, you must meet several criteria:

  • belonging to the nationality of a certain country (for each vacancy there is a list of countries whose citizens have the right to apply for selection);
  • a diploma of the first level of higher education (bachelor’s degree) or a higher degree is required;
  • age no more than 32 years;
  • fluency in writing and speaking in English or French.

Most often, citizens from Asian and African countries are invited to participate in the UN program for training young professionals. The quota for these regions is more than 70%. These are countries such as Afghanistan, Angola, Bahrain, Cambodia, Guinea, Iran, Lesotho, Micronesia, Oman, Qatar, South Sudan, Suriname, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, and many others. There is a certain quota for the countries of Oceania and South America.

The smallest number of seats in the YPP is noted for European and North American countries, so UN job New York is not that easy to get. It is believed that in these regions young specialists are able to get a decent education and qualification without the help of UN representatives.

UN job New York

Exam Information

An entrance exam for the program is held every year. The date and list of participating countries is announced in advance on the sites of YPP and the UN. This event is also actively covered in the media.

Everyone entering the program of young professionals must apply for a certain range of exams. The subjects must correspond to the selected vacancy and the type of activity in the organization. Preferences may vary depending on the region and current tasks. The list of necessary subjects for exams is negotiated at special consultations. In addition, it can be found freely available on the Internet. Nevertheless, it is better to confirm it in the selection committee of YPP.

Additional admission

The UN Secretariat is also recruiting UN staff members who work in the General Service field and seek to become specialists in a specific field. For such applicants, the selection criteria are the same as for university graduates. UN staff have no privileges when recruiting to YPP.

Benefits of UN job New York

Thanks to work in the UN, specialists will learn more about the world around them, about the culture of other nations, about equality and injustice, which must be constantly fought. Many management employees go on business trips to different countries. Therefore, work in the UN is also preferred by those who like to travel for the benefit of the outside world.

You should never be afraid of complex tasks and responsibilities. Specialists of the UN always work in a team. This allows you to seamlessly and quickly implement any important project anywhere in the world. In the UN, everyone can find the meaning of life due to the versatility of the areas of work: security and peace, humanitarian activities, human rights, economic and social spheres, etc.