Start your career with World Bank jobs

Start your career with World Bank jobs

July 27, 2020 0 By Abbie Jackson

The World Bank is an influential international organization whose activities are related to the financial and technical development of states. Getting into such an organization is a dream come true for all those planning to build their careers in the financial sector. At the moment, the World Bank has opened several vacancies and is ready to accept new employees into the team.

The main objectives of the World Bank

Every professional who takes the World Bank jobs must do their utmost to fight global hunger and poverty. These tasks are realized thanks to the effective mechanism of lending to the member countries of the association. Most often we are talking about developing countries with economies in transition. The bank’s financial programs help such countries to raise the average level of income of the population and enterprises, and to reduce unemployment rates.

Also, the main goals of the World Bank team are to ensure global primary education, reduce child and maternal mortality, promote gender equality and empower women, improve the protection of mothers and large families, fight serious diseases (HIV / AIDS, etc.), the formation of a universal partnership for social and economic development, monitoring of the state of the environment and much more.

World Bank jobs

How to get a World Bank jobs 

Specialists are recruited to the head office and regional offices only according to certain requirements:

  • international experience in the profession, positive recommendations from influential persons,
  • higher education in the specialty,
  • knowledge of English and French.

There is a certain competition for any job in the World Bank. To take part in it, you should send an online application (questionnaire) to the organization. If the candidate meets the requirements, then he is invited to go through an interview with representatives of the bank (branch).

Internship program

For students who want to take part in the work of the WB, there is an opportunity to take part in the internship program. To pass the competition for an internship, candidates should provide the WB office with their application form and recommendations from the educational institution. Based on the selection results, only the best applicants will be admitted to the internship. In the next 2-6 months, interns will have to devote themselves to research in areas such as culture, education, and science.

Requirements for trainees

The Recruiting Office will consider applications for internship applicants if they have:

  • Age not less than 20 years;
  • A high level of knowledge of English or French;
  • Good computer skills (office applications, internet).