How to get United Nations careers

How to get United Nations careers

July 27, 2020 0 By Abbie Jackson

There are certain requirements for applicants for any position in the specialist category:

  • a certificate of higher education of an international standard (if necessary, it should be legalized);
  • citizenship of one of the member countries of the alliance (temporary citizenship or the so-called residence permit is not suitable);
  • work experience in a specific field of at least 3 years (it is desirable that the experience is mainly formed in state institutions of the member states);
  • age at least 25 years;
  • no criminal record (certificate from law enforcement agencies);
  • absence of debts to tax and social services (including the payment of alimony);
  • good health (certificate from a medical institution);
  • fluent knowledge of Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, or English (optional).

Employment at United Nations careers takes place in two stages. First, the selection of candidates takes place on the basis of online applications. The best candidates then have to go through interviews with UN representatives. If the specialist suits the organization for all the requirements, then he will be offered one of the types of the labor contract. It will not always be a question of joining the state. Very often, UN structures need independent experts with whom they cooperate under a temporary contract of personal employment.

United Nations careers

United Nations careers: employment application

It is much easier to get United Nations careers. To do this, it is enough to send your questionnaire to the management (form P11). If she impresses the HR department, representatives of the organization will contact the lucky one. You can specify a specific vacancy in the application form, but if it is closed, you will have to wait for an answer indefinitely. P11 forms are stored in the UN database for only one year. If there is no response during this time, you can resend the questionnaire. Some specialists do not indicate a profession in the application. They just advertise themselves as much as possible in the profile. In this case, the right to choose a position lies with the representatives of the organization. If you put yourself correctly in the questionnaire, the specialist will still achieve a suitable vacancy for himself/herself.

Internship program at the UN

Another opportunity to get a job at the UN is an internship program for young and inexperienced professionals who have excelled in higher education and have demonstrated their desire to help the world. Often a reputable letter of recommendation helps in obtaining consent for an internship.