The B in LGBT stands for bisexual. Bisexuality is a sexual orientation defined by attraction to both men and women. A bisexual person therefore is a man or woman who is attracted to both their own and the opposite gender!


Are there bisexual people in Q Soc?

Definitely. Q Soc is open to anyone of all sexual orientations and we have many members from all walks of life and all ends of the spectrum. While we have a lot of gay and lesbian members we also have many bisexual, straight and transgendered members who take part in all of society events as well as having a lot of events tailored to them.


What is biphobia?

Biphobia is discrimination against bisexual people, both based on their same sex relations as well as their attractions to both genders. Biphobia is negative attitudes and opinions expressed about or towards people who are attracted to both men and women because of their sexuality. Bisexuals often experience the same homophobic remarks that can be directed at any queer person, but bi-phobia differs in that is directed at a bisexual person specifically because they are attracted to both genders. Biphobia can be expressed by straight people but is often also expressed by gay people because of a perception that bisexual people aren’t ‘fully gay’ or are simply gay people in denial.

This is of course ridiculous, bisexuality is a full and valid sexuality like all others and biphobia is no more tolerated by Q Soc than any other discrimination.


Dispelling the myths of bisexuality


Bisexuality like all queer orientations is often surrounded by some misconceptions, both innocent and otherwise. Despite a tendency to use ‘gay’ as short hand for ‘queer’ (as in gay clubs or gay scene), bisexuals are a largely represented group both in Q Soc and in queer society. Below as some of the common misconceptions about bisexuality and the facts behind them!


Bi’s don’t exist!

This is like saying there are no gay people or no straight people. Bi’s don’t exist” is a myth fuelled by lack of understanding, confusion and laziness. There are demonstrably no more or no less bisexuals in queer society than any other orientation, although confusion can be caused by people claiming to be bi and eventually declaring otherwise, or by people assuming that someone in a relationship with a person of their own gender is gay, and with the opposite gender is straight.

There are many bisexual men and women in society who have been bisexual and will be all their life!


Bisexuality is just a phase.

While some people go through a ‘phase’ of bisexuality, most bisexual people don’t. Some people go through a phase in their life of being unsure of their sexuality, of believing they may be bisexual or simply saying so. This can be for a variety of  reasons such as changing feelings as they grow older, personal belief, or the idea that bisexuality will be easier than homosexuality for friends and family to accept. Many of these people go on to declare they are straight or gay, but many are bisexual their entire life, and never experience questions or doubts about it!

Bisexuality is not transitional or half of anything, it is an independent thing in its own right.


Bi people are promiscuous / bi people are sex mad/ bi people will have sex with anyone!

Bi people have no more and no less sex than anyone else. There are technically billions of people a gay person or a straight person could be attracted to, and billions a bisexual person could be attracted to. That doesn’t mean they’re going to have sex with all of them! While bisexuals may be attracted to both genders, in practice this doesn’t mean they can or will have sex with more people than anyone else. Any particular bisexual is no more or less sexually promiscuous than a straight or gay person, that is all down to personality not orientation!


Bisexual people can’t have monogamous relationships.

Just because a person is bisexual doesn’t mean they can’t be committed to just one person. Some bisexual people never have relationships, some have long term relationships with one person, some have open relationships, just like people who are attracted to one sex! Just because they are attracted to both genders doesn’t mean they can’t survive without being with both genders all the time, no more than if a gay or straight person is attracted to two people they can’t stay with just one!


Bi people get it easy as they have the best of both worlds.

Being bisexual isn’t an ‘easy way out’ anymore than any other orientation. Bisexual people have the same problems straight people do, and gay people and sometimes have different problems they wouldn’t have if they were attracted to one gender. Bisexual people are just people, with no more and no less problems or advantages than the average person.


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