Q Soc Committee 2013/2014

Q Soc is run by a committee of students who are elected by and from members of the society at the AGM (Annual General Meeting). To oversee all the projects and activities run by Q Soc throughout the year, the committee is comprised of 13 people: 3 Senior Officers, 5 Junior Officers and 5 Ordinary Committee Members.


The Senior Officers in addition to their individual roles are responsible for the overall running of the society and its committee and represent the society in any external situations.


Katie Biggs

Katie Biggs is a 4th Yr Theology/Modern Irish TSM Student. As the Auditor of the society she has the responsibility of overseeing all projects, chairing meetings, representing Q Soc and generally running the show.

Katie works extremely hard to provide help and services for all students, not just those who identify as LGBTQ, in her role on the Welfare Committee and capacity as equality officer of Student 2 Student (S2S). Last year she organised and ran LGBTQ training for all of their reps and staff. Katie has lived in the Gambia and once played Queen of the Commonwealth in a school play while living there. She also loves Disney Princesses and she was the one who turned the key to open the Disney shop on Grafton Street!


Paul Duggan

Paul is a 4th Yr General Nursing student specializing in Sexual Health and Wound Care, a terrifying combination that has served him well in his time on committee. As Secretary of the society his job is in theory only to reply to emails and keep minutes of meetings. In practice he remembers every name, date and face in any way associated with the society, and in his second term as secretary that list keeps growing and growing!  In addition to two years on the committee exec, he’s also acted in the Q Soc play DARE and directed its sequel In Every Shape & Form.

Paul’s likes include dogs, Julianne Moore, bullet nipples and some (but not all) combinations of the above. His dislikes include spitter-bitches in Left 4 Dead, most people, and getting too much tea in his milk.


Naomi Coyle

Naomi is a 3rd Yr Midwifery student. In her role as Treasurer she is responsible for all of the society’s finances for  the year and she’s the one who makes sure your €2 is put to good use.

 Previously an O.C.M and the society’s first Inclusions Officer she’s been massively involved with the society since the beginning of time. A true herald of Central Bank, no one was as excited about Fall Out Boy’s reunion or as devastated by My Chemical Romance’s break-up as Naomi. She’s also known for her obsessions with bands such as The Used, Placebo and anything else you’re too embarrassed to admit you loved as a teenager (and still do).



The Junior Officers are members of the committee who, in addition to regular duties, are responsible for specific parts of the society.


James Buckley 

James is a 3rd Yr Geology Student. He takes on a role unique to Q Soc

as Inclusion Officer. This means he is responsible for making sure you feel as comfortable as possible as part of the society and will be on hand to deal with any issues you may have ranging from helping you paying a trip up to the Soc Room for tea or coffee, how to get involved with the society and its events, as well as how to get support on serious issues. (Check out more about it here) 

James is a former Leinster Senior Pole Vault Champion, a massive proponent of awful T.V show’s such as Charmed, Cardcaptors and (God Forbid) H2O and has somehow managed to dislocated his jaw in his sleep (don’t ask).



Robert Milling

Rob is a 3rd Yr Physiology student and current holder of the Miriam O’Callaghan Award for Outstanding Contribution to Twitter. Rob is our Public Relations Officer for the year, putting him in charge of not just our posters but also all you see around you, including our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and as such his favourite hobby is favouriting.

Rob has taken it upon himself to educate our members in the correct usage of “throwing shade” and why Madonna’s “Vogue” makes her a thieving bitch. He was once told by a class mate that he has a “Ghetto Booty” and he likes to talk about food an unhealthy amount.


Muireann Montague

Muireann is a 3rd Yr Chemistry student, and as Liaison Officer is in charge of all the campaigns we run throughout the year, both inside and outside of college, making it one of the most work-intensive jobs on committee.

She is “The” Ally of LGBTQ rights, she’s an incredibly strong and compassionate person, endlessly dedicated to the battle for equality for all. It’s no surprise she was Q Soc’s Campaigner of the year this year!

When not screaming at Maths tutors for being incompetent, she can be found hounding the rest of the college for not getting involved with Qsoc and complimenting people on their style.


Bethany Collins


Beth is a 3rd year Midwifery student who, along with Naomi, make sure babies are the only topic of conversation in the Soc Room. What can even be said about Beth. Since Pink Training last year when she first got involved with Qsoc she’s been there to help and, seriously, she puts us all to shame with her partying but can go from party-mode to super serious midwife mode in less than 0.5 seconds. Her main method of transport is crab dancing and she was recently unoffically voted the best butt of QSoc. She’s still an avid metal fan and even has a Devildriver tattoo.


Elaine O’Connor

NewElaineElaine is a 2nd Yr Law student, first elected at our EGM in January 2013,and  dived head first into the society, continuing to be one of our most active members. The first person to win Trinity’s Fresher of the Year for  involvement with Q Soc, Elaine been a strong advocate for raising the profile of queer women, creative outlets and gender discussion within the society. A lover of all things “murder-y” (direct quote) and cute animals, and with a penchant for angry law articles and presentations about LGBTQ issues, Elaine is the Q Soc member to go to if you feel like smashing the patriarchy.


Joel Anthony Loll-McKeever

Joel is a 4th Yr English student and has been heavily involved in student life and queer activism at Trinity; National Fresher of the Year in 1st Yr, Q Soc P.R.O in 2nd Year and last year the Auditor of the society, his ambition for the society has helped it reach the level of support, inclusion, activism and creativity it has today.While taking a step back to OCM this year he is as keen as ever to bring his voice to the table. Always ready with a Doctor Who or Science Fiction reference, Joel has a penchant for the geekier things in life and isn’t ashamed to let us know it.

Glenn Mullen

Glenn is a 2nd year Psychology and Sociology student. Glen isn’t just a hun, Glen is head of Glenn-websitethe hunzo’s. Often seen sporting a Snap Back or various pieces of clothing and jewellery exclaiming “SWAG” or “YOLO”. He is one of the committee members newest to the society , having been co-opted onto committee in fourth week this year. He is is head of the Cheryl Cole fanclub and is incredibly knowledgeable about pop music both past and present. Omnipresent in the soc room Glenn can often be heard exclaiming “yolo swag”  and expressing his love for xbabyfacexo.

Sarah Scales

Sarah-websiteSarah is a 2nd year Law and Political Science student. With a love for all things queer it was no surprise that she ended up on the committee. Her dedication to all things queer is unquestionable. And she’d probably fight you if you said otherwise. Usually the life and soul of any party she attends, she can be found dancing away or having the bants in smoking areas all across the land. Sarah is probably some kind of lion/human hybrid because DAT HAIR. She also has the largest collection of quirky necklaces in the northern hemisphere. Probably.

Siofra Dempsey

Siofra is a 3rd year Irish and French student. When not rolling around fangirling about everythingSiofra-webste Lord of the Rings related, she can be found in the soc room making everyone feel as welcome as possible. She is one of the most caring people ever and always has time for people in need. Her obsession with pugs is legendary and if you mention one you can bet she’ll be there in a heartbeat. Siofra is also an avid writer, and a thumpin’ good one at that. She’ll probably be the next Oscar Wilde or something, maybe without the rent boys… well…

Jonathan McQuaid

Jonny-websiteJonny is a 2nd year Science student, and in their own words “Novice Wiccan, Jumper Queen, Bitch” and that captures them perfectly (well maybe not the bitch part). They’ve been involved with Qsoc since their first day of their freshman year and has quickly established themselves as one of the funniest and friendliest people in the society. Jonny always manages to put a smile on our faces and is a master of shade. Jonny is the biggest fan of Pokemon ever and you’d be surprised by how many layers they can wear and make it fashion. Ask them about their cape.

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